Chocolate Gifts


Gift Box with 5 Chocolate Cigars

Chocolate Cigars with praline filling for those who don't smoke... with original vintage cigar labels from the 1920's to 50's.


Gift Box €19.50

1 Piece €3.20


Chocolate Stilettos


Every woman loves shoes and chocolate. So what could be better than our handmade chocolate stilettos!!

8cm:   €5.90

12cm: €12.50

17cm: €26.90


Chocolate Champagne Bottle



This life size champagne bottle is the perfect gift for any champagne lover.  A nice showpiece for every party. (approx 500g)


Price: €49 (incl.customizing)



Chocolate Champagne-Wine Bottle


approx 18 cm


Price: €19 (incl. customizing)


4 Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate spoons are a unique and adorable gift . You can put them into a warm cup of milk or coffee and watch them melt. Or use them as a dessert decorations.


4 Pieces                    Price:  €6.90

Coffee Beans in Chocolate

Roasted organic coffee beans from Santo Domingo (similar to Blue Mountain) coated with Maracaibo 49% Grand Cru Chocolate.


Weight:  small                    Price:  €3.80

              big                                  €6.90


Almonds in Chocolate

Finest almonds from Spain, hand-covered with a wafer-thin layer of caramel and covered with Grand Cru chocolate.

Available in Milk: Maracaibo 38%

                 Dark: Maracaibo  65%


Weight:  50g                    Price:  €4.30

                                                       100g                              €7.50


Hot Chocolate Cinnamon sticks

Hot chocolate is fun, delicious and easy to make. Dip the cinnamon stick in a cup of hot milk, stir and wait till the chocolate melts and use the cinnamon as a drinking straw. Enjoy the hot chocolate with cinnamon flavor.


Price:  €3.30



Chocolate Lipstick

A woman should not forget her Lipstick...

This chocolate Lipstick can be made of dark or milk chocolate with written customized messages.


Size:  19x4 cm                    Price:  €18.20







Chocolate Handbags

As a accessory may not be missed! A handmade designer chocolate handbag..

Personalize your chocolate handbag. We have a lot of different colores. Please contact us for the details.....

Size:  17x12cm                 Price:  €32.50



Chocolate skulls


The skulls are avilable in dark / milk and white chocolate.