Grand Cru Souvage Bolivia 68% (Wild Cacao)

The unique and rare wild cacao, Criollo Amazonico, originates in the Bolivian lowlands in the province of Beni. The gatherers, mostly Chimane Indians, seek out the widely scattered cacao islands, where they collect the ripened fruit from the trees. The trees are not cultivated, they are left to nature and are not cut or fertilised.

The rich, harmonious cacao flavour is complemented by the aromas expressing the freshness of lemon and the fruitiness of grapefruit. The traditional, gentle processing method exquisitely unfolds the prune bouquet and vanilla note. The exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity and the long-lasting finish make the Cru Sauvage Bolivia 68 %  unique culinary experience.

Organic Grand Cru Santo Domingo 67%

Los Ancones plantation is located in the north east of the island of Santo Domingo in the heart of the Caribbean where are since 1903 produced exquisite cocoa beans.

Lengthily worked, the beans release in this chocolate their aromas of liquorice wood, then red berries and green olives with a lingering flavour of currants and apricots.


Weight:  35g                    Price:  €2.70

             100g                               €5.90

Grand Cru Madagascar 65%

Located on the island of Madagascar at the heart of the Indian Ocean, in the rich valley of the river Sambirano, this plantation flourishes on the land of a former mango tree forest.

It expresses, in a highly refined blend, notes of caramel, exotic fruits, pain d'épices spice cake and honey, completed, in the finale, with sultanas.


Weight:  35g                    Price:  €2.70

             100g                              €5.90

Grand Cru Maracaibo Creole 49%

Maracaibo Creole (Criollo beans from Sur del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela) 49% cocao is the most intense level of milk chocolate; 50% is the demarcation line for semisweet. Details: Aromatic and fruity, a creamy taste combined with a delicate cream-caramel note. A sense of a light vanilla bourbon aroma with a hint of honey, and a fresh, fruity raspberry finish.


Weight:  35g                    Price:  €2.70
             100g                              €5.90

Grand Cru Maracaibo 38%

Grand Cru chocolate made of noble cacao from the region Sur del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The full-bodied milk-cream taste is complimented through the notes of honey and caramel. The traditional, gentle processing method enhances the noble cacao Criollo aroma, which then finishes with a discreet roast and vanilla note.


Weight:  35g                    Price:  €2.70

             100g                              €5.90